About Clay

Clay Hall

With over 16 years of combined real estate experience as both an FHA- approved Certified Real Estate Appraiser and an active Realtor, Clay has a high level of competence within the local real estate community. His expertise is built around having an inside understanding of the nuances in residential market trends including the neighborhoods where people desire to live and how they compare to one another in construction quality, market value, amenities offered and overall appeal.

As an Idaho native, Clay is mindful of the many natural and recreational attributes unique to the Boise Idaho area. These include; the surrounding foothills and trail systems, our lakes and reservoirs, and the Boise River which flows through the heart of downtown Boise to the suburban communities of Garden City, Eagle & Star. As a Real Estate Appraiser, it’s in his job description to measure the “market reaction” to incremental changes in land and home values relative to their proximity or access to the river, greenbelts, and other residential services. He’s passionate about taking the time to observe and consider even the subtle characteristics that influence property values.

His geographic expertise extends throughout the greater Boise and Treasure Valley area to include all of Ada, Canyon, and Gem Counties. Clay is experienced in all phases of new-construction from a former project management role to writing appraisals of custom homes based on blueprints and builder specifications. His work ranges from appraising entry-level economy grade properties to rural homes situated on acreage, along with and upper-end luxury homes in prestigious communities with lifestyle memberships and/or golf course amenities.

What truly sets Clay apart is his combined work history and interaction with all sides of the residential real estate puzzle. It’s a unique skill set that has equipped him with what he calls “layers of specialized insight and know-how” developed while working in various aspects of the profession and interacting first-hand with participants in all phases of real estate. Those interactions include working with; home buyers and sellers, builders, other Realtors, underwriters, real estate investors, banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers, along with end users in the secondary market such as FHA and Fannie Mae. The result is a level of industry-specific competency that decision makers have come to can rely on. Clay is personable and professional and he works hard to emphasize an overall excellence in customer service!

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