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Divorce Appraisals

Going through a divorce? The professionals at Appraisal One have straightforward expertise to help you determine the market value of your home. We understand that a divorce is a difficult and painful process. Most couples agree that their home is the single-most important asset acquired over the course of their marriage…
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Bankruptcy Appraisals

The basic goal of bankruptcy law is to release debtors from personal liability originating from specific debts. It also prohibits creditors from ever taking action against the debtor to collect those debts. When a person files for bankruptcy, they are required by law to supply the court with a summary of current income and debts,…
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Bail Bonds Appraisals

In the State of Idaho bail collateral may be offered in place of or in addition to bail money to secure the release of the person who has been arrested and detained. It’s essentially a form of credit to ensure that the person complies with his or her obligation to show up in court. Collateral can be in the form of almost anything…
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Estate & Date of Death

As an executor of a will, the responsibility of settling an estate can be a formidable task and it will likely occur at a time when you and others are grieving due to the loss of a close friend or relative. The process of settling an estate is something most know little about until they experience it firsthand. We hope to offer some insight…
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Financial Planning & Trusts

Many clients of Appraisal One work with CPA’s, Attorneys, and Certified Financial & Estate Planners to provide sound advice. We regularly work in conjunction with each of these advisors to provide the real estate property valuation figures they need to evaluate your current real estate holdings...
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PMI Removal

PMI is a type of insurance that mortgage lenders use. PMI helps to reduce the risk of loss specifically on mortgages with low down payments in the range of 3-10%. It is typically required on mortgages with a balance of more than 80% of a home’s value. When a mortgage lender’s overall risk on a relatively high-ratio mortgage loan…
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Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales

‘Appraisal One’ provides real estate appraisals for REO (Real Estate Owned) foreclosures and short sales. Our Company appraises residential real estate throughout the greater Boise area. A brief informational summary of distressed property in their various stages of default is listed below…
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Tax Assessment Appeals

According to state law, County Assessors are required to determine current market value on all taxable property each year which includes the (tax burden) on your home. The Assessor’s value conclusion is based on an appraisal process. That process ranges from analyzing recent home sales in your area, reviewing construction and replacement…
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Direct-Engage Lenders

Clay Hall is an FHA-Approved Certified Real Estate Appraiser (CRA-1965) with over 16 years of experience. In excellent standing with the Idaho State Appraisal Board, Clay strives to provide a high level of customer service working with other local credit unions, banks, and mortgage lenders to deliver well supported and thoroughly…
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Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase, FSBOs

Whether you elect to “go it alone” as a FSBO or work with an experienced Realtor trained to represent you when selling the highest dollar asset most will ever own… A common A common objective for home sellers is to upload their listing to Ga-Zillo and beyond, maximize profit, minimize stress, and sell their home on day one –preferably…
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Home Measurement Services

Realtors: Enhance your Boise / Treasure Valley real estate listings with custom computer-generated floor plan graphics from ‘Appraisal One.’ Schedule a listing to be measured on site and we’ll e-mail you a professional quality floor plan in (.pdf) format with all perimeter / exterior dimensions and room labels. You or your assistant can easily upload the file to MLS and display the floor plan as one of the rotating images or include…
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Rush Appraisals Available

RUSH service is available for most of our appraisals. (Please note that not all properties are eligible for this service. Our existing commitments may limit our ability to provide a rush service for you.) We request that you disclose in the appraisal request any unusual circumstances that could impede our ability to accelerate our turnaround time…
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