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Many clients of Appraisal One work with CPA’s, Attorneys, and Certified Financial & Estate Planners to provide sound advice. We will work in conjunction with each of these advisors to provide the real estate property valuation figures they need to evaluate your current real estate holdings.

Real estate holdings are often the foundation of personal financial portfolios. Property is usually the longest held asset and it typically competes well against other asset allocations. Whether you need an appraisal for a just one non-owner occupied investment property, your primary residence, or multiple appraisals for an entire portfolio… Appraisal One is at your service. We’re Certified in the state of Idaho and our licensure level allows us to complete appraisals ranging from one-unit single-family, up to 4-unit dwellings including duplexes, complex properties, and homes with accessory in-law dwellings

Over the years ‘Appraisal One’ has distinguished itself as one of the Boise area’s premier providers of appraisals for estate and financial planners. We’re acutely aware of the level of the detail, skill and professionalism required to properly value residential investment properties. We’ve completed appraisals for Estate Planners throughout the Boise Treasure Valley area for a variety of trusts, estate purposes, tax planning, asset review purposes, and more. We analyze and report on comparable rental data, current market trends, depreciation, cost and sales data, and we provide detailed operating income statements for each property.

We’re accustomed to scheduling on-site property visits around the required notification timelines for Idaho tenants. We correspond with you, your residential Property Management Company, and/or your tenant with a high level of courtesy and professionalism. We’re sensitive to the terms of confidentiality and privacy of those who reside in your investment properties. As you can see, it’s important for us to build trust so you’ll feel confident in our abilities and return for additional services.

Seniors rely on our property appraisal services as an important step in updating their estate as they transition into retirement years. We work to alleviate the common anxiety during this process in part, by taking extra time to fully explain the appraisal process and answer important questions up front. When the report is complete, we’ll personally go over it to provide additional clarity and respond to follow-up questions that might come up.

Estate & Financial Planners throughout the Boise, Treasure Valley area have come to count on us as a go-to service on behalf of their clients. We welcome the opportunity, and look forward to working with you as well!

Give us a call today with any questions you might have and check out our ‘Testimonials’ to see what others are saying about Clay Hall and Appraisal One.

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